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Social responsability

The distinctive element of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to combine economic responsibility with social responsibility, which creates tangible and intangible values ​​for everything that surrounds the company. Winning values ​​for the company, for people, for the territory and for the environment.

Antonini & Partners is committed to putting into practice its own environmental sustainability plan declined in a series of actions aimed at reducing the emissions of CO2 and other harmful gases into the air, reducing energy consumption and reducing waste produced.

Reduction of emissions of CO2 and other harmful gases into the air.

  • We encourage our employees to use electric or hybrid cars for travel,
  • We undertake to guarantee a high quality standard of air in the workplace,
  • We are also considering the possibility of creating a vertical green wall for the absorption of harmful gases, improving the comfort of offices.

Reduction of energy consumption

  • We have replaced our lighting system with an energy-saving one (LED) and we have a wattometer to monitor consumption.
  • Each device is connected to a power strip with a switch and turned off when the office closes.
  • During the day natural and artificial lighting is preferred, using sunlight until it becomes dark.
  • When artificial light becomes necessary, make sure you avoid waste by turning off the light in empty rooms and corridors.
  • Avoiding the stand-by: the last one to go off everything (lights, computers, printers, scanners, photocopiers). The lights that stay on when we turn off the computer consume between 4 and 12 watts per hour. Only when the computer is on stand-by can it consume up to 20 watts per hour, like a light bulb.

Reduction of waste produced

  • We have introduced more sustainable daily practices, such as the reduction of packaging, the reuse of recycled materials and the correct differentiation of waste.
  • We prefer containers that are reusable (not disposable) or compostable.
  • We have reduced the amount of paper to the essential
  • Our offices are equipped with special containers for the recycling of widely used materials.

Digital transformation

  • Less time, less travel, less emissions, less energy consumption, less waste. Access to important information even remotely, at any time and wherever you are (at an appointment with a customer, on the train, waiting at the airport, etc.)
    but also the ability to make changes to data and documents, approve requests and activities, perform tasks according to a workflow pre-established directly from mobile devices all this without setting foot in the office, but with the guarantee of access to always correct and updated information.
  • Less paper use, less waste. By significantly reducing the amount of paper used, we have greatly limited the negative impact of the company on the environment. Having all the documents digitally organized and accessible, there is no longer the need to make photocopies, send documents by post or dedicate expensive portions of their space to the archive: paper, ink, toner, maintenance activities of equipment and infrastructure are reduced to a minimum.

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