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Social and Environmental Responsibility

Social responsability

Voluntary integration of social and ecological concerns into commercial operations and relationships with people is a cornerstone of our group’s action. Hence the choice to pair economic responsibility with social responsibility (CSR). To create tangible values for everything around the company: people, territory and environment.

Reduction of CO2 and other harmful gas emissions into the air:

  • We encourage our collaborators: (1) to use electric or hybrid cars for commuting, (2) to carpool, (3) to use public transportation.
  • We are committed to ensuring a high-quality air standard in the work environment.
  • We take advantage of the properties of some plants (ficus, ivy, dracaena) to absorb harmful gases emitted by monitors.
  • We are designing a vertical green wall to absorb harmful gases.

Reduction of energy consumption

  • We have replaced our lighting system with an energy-saving one (LED).
  • Every device is connected to a power strip with a switch and turned off when the office closes.
  • During the day, natural lighting is preferred to artificial lighting.
  • We avoid unnecessary waste by turning off the light in empty rooms and corridors.
  • We avoid stand-by modes: the lights that stay on when we turn off the computer consume between 4 and 12 watts per hour. A single computer in standby mode can consume up to 20 watts per hour, like a light bulb.

Reduction of produced waste

  • We have introduced more sustainable daily practices such as reducing packaging, reusing recycled materials, and properly separating waste.
  • We prefer reusable containers and dishes (not disposable).
  • We have reduced paper usage to the bare minimum. Our offices are equipped with special containers for recycling widely used materials.

Digital transformation

We have chosen to embark on the path of digital transformation to improve business efficiency and the quality of life and well-being of workers. As it emerges from the latest global research carried out by Aruba, a company of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise group, “The Right Technologies Unlock the Potential of the Digital Workplace“. Those who work in full digital workplaces have:

  • 51% more likely to feel fully satisfied at work
  • 43% more likely to judge positively their work-life balance
  • 60% more likely to declare themselves motivated at work
  • 91% more likely to judge positively the vision of their own company.

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